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Why A Toothpaste Dispenser Is So Handy




An automatic toothpaste dispenser is a testament to how far technology has come today. These practical little gadgets had to go through a few changes before they became what they are today. Wondering why you should  even consider getting one? Below are eight reasons why a ‘toothpaste squeezer’, as some people like to call them, is something you should introduce to your family.

1. Do you or your children have a habitof using too little toothpaste or using too much toothpaste, then a dispenser is just what you need. The machine efficiently measures out the right amount every time.


2. Toothpaste dispensers are easy to use. Most models use an air vacuum technology which doesn’t require the use of batteries or electricity. They are also child friendly. Most children six years of age and up, should have no trouble using one.

3. Having a toothpaste dispenser can save you money over time by eliminating waste and a messy bathroom sink.


4. Do you have a cluttered bathroom? When you own a toothpaste dispenser, tootpaste tubes have their own special place. Hang on a wall by your sink or in a cabinet door out of view, if you prefer.

5. Having an automatic toothpaste dispenser in your bathroom can also help reduce the amount of time spent in the bathroom. Great for busy families and individuals who need to get their teeth brushing chores done in the shortest amount of time.


 6. Toothpaste dispensers have never been more affordable. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and styles to fit any budget. Some are even shaped like popular characters.


7. Your kids will finally think that brushing their teeth is fun. Do you have problems getting your kids to brush their teeth? Now you won’t have to ever worry about that again. Toothpaste dispensers are an interactive way to get your kids into the tooth brushing mood. They’ll love hitting the button and watching as it dispenses toothpaste onto their toothbrush.


8. Toothpaste dispensers can add a clean and modern look to any bathroom while helping to keep your bathroom neat and organized.

Now that you know more about automatic toothpaste dispensers, you’ll probably agree that owning one would make a convenient addition to your own bathroom. Besides being functional, toothpaste dispensers will also help kids make far fewer messes in the bathroom which means less clean up for you. Plus you’ll never have to deal with the frustration of a near empty toothpaste tube again. Leave the frustration behind and let the dispenser do all the work as it sucks the tube empty. To order one today, click on the link above. The models shown ON SALE are only available while supplies last.

photo by wally, flickr

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